Brand Advertising.


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Every brand needs consistent, predictable lead flow.

With over $15 million in ad spend under our team’s belt, our brand advertising division doesn’t run on theory. We run on data. We believe the only predictable (and sustainable) way to grow your business and brand is through paid targeted digital media, e.g. Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.

Three Stages of Brand Advertising.

The Best Sales Advice for Small Businesses

Stage 01

Ad Strategy.

We will work closely with you to plan new campaigns that seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing efforts by:

  • Defining your ideal target customer

  • Determining your compelling offer

  • Developing a unique selling proposition

  • Clarifying your offer’s message

  • Identifying the ideal marketing channel(s)

Stage 02

Ad Build.

With millions of dollars profitably spent on ad campaigns, we will build the system to convert traffic into leads for your brand by:


  • Determining the ideal tech stack
  • Designing & creating brand assets
  • Writing ad copy
  • Building the funnel in ClickFunnels
  • Setting up tracking & analytics
The “Science” of Branding

Stage 03

Ad Launch.

We don’t believe in the “set it and forget it” mindset. We relentlessly optimize your ad campaigns to get a return on your investment. We do this by:

  • Conducting a soft launch / test campaign
  • Collecting and analyzing real-time data
  • Optimizing, optimizing, optimizing
  • Diversifying ad budget and ad traffic
  • Conducting proactive ad management

The Investment.

Ad Strategy Only


6 Months Retainer


per month

1 Year Retainer


per month

2 Year Retainer


per month

*Minimum monthly ad budget of $2,000.