Re Perez is a seasoned Brand Consultant, with a Fortune 500 background at top global brand consultancies including Interbrand and Siegel+Gale. Since 2011, his agency BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, has delivered Fortune 500-level branding to thousands of entrepreneurs across 45+ different industries around the world—from start-ups, Inc. 500 fastest growing companies, and established multi million-dollar businesses. He has a proven track record for helping his clients double, triple and quadruple their business.



“The investment has paid itself 10 fold already!”

  • “Working with Re was eye opening on so many levels.  As a company that is about to cross a million dollars this year, it is super important that we understand our brand idea and tenets very clearly.  Re came up with a Brand Idea that was so perfect and so aligned. It was as though he knew Revenue Breakthrough from day one. We then proceeded to use our Brand Values to hire the perfect team members, clarify our programs and create a solid foundation for our annual event.  We even used our Brand Idea in a sales conversation last week and closed a new member into our year-long mastermind program. Re’s work was exactly what I needed and the investment has paid itself back 10 fold already! We always say that the cash is in the clarity. Re’s team brings both clarity and cash.”

“I have been able to raise my prices by 50% without so much as a single eye blink”

  • “When I came to BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE my branding was all over the place. It was actually amazing that I had such a successful company with what looked like an outdated and inconsistent website, business card, etc. I knew I could achieve so much more if my brand was strong, beautifully designed, and created a feeling with anyone who interacted with it and that was congruent with my point of view and what I deliver for clients. Well, I had no idea what was in store for me working with BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE. First, it was incredible what went into the planning and decision making before we ever talked about design, logo, colors, etc. (all those things I thought that branding was). Instead, we started by defining my overarching brand idea, the brand values, brand attributes, and a whole lot more about who I AM and what my brand STANDS for. This helped me solidify my OWN understanding of my place in the market. And then, it goes without saying that Re Perez and his team developed an exquisite visual brand identity that knocked my socks off. It’s so professional, powerful, eye-catching, and truly beautiful. And as a result, more clients are flocking to me unsolicited, and I’ve been able to raise my prices by 50% without so much as a single ‘eye blink’. Everyone is saying YES.”

“27 proposals and 17 booked events in 5 months”

  • “I did not have a clear direction on how to build my business and brand — from strategy, marketing and planning. Prior to working with BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, I had all the different aspects of building a brand in my head, but felt I was trying to say I did everything to everyone. I was not sure where to focus or if I really wanted to do all of those things I was saying to people. What impressed me the most about working with the team is their expertise in both the world of branding AND entrepreneurship. I felt I had an expert partner giving me advice on many levels. I was also impressed with how quickly they got in my head around my business to extract the nuggets of my own self-expression and brand personality. Their contribution and intelligence in strategy, mapping and brainstorming had tremendous value. Also, information was delivered in understandable, easy-to-apply language. As a client in one of BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE’s group programs, I was able to crystallize my elevator pitch into one sentence, inspiring me and everyone I share it with. In fives months, I generated 27 proposals and booked 17 events. I now have a thriving practice and a team of event planners.”

“We are very excited to launch our new brand! Thanks Re Perez for your guidance and expertise”

  • “Having previous marketing experience, I understood the importance of branding and marketing. To have an effective brand you needed consistency. When we hired BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, we were looking for a professional who could walk us through recreating a look and feel that depicted the ‘new’ Tracey Fieber Business Solutions and where we are headed. I can tell you, Re Perez knows his stuff! The questions he asked helped us determine precisely the look we wanted. Re walked us through determining both the look and feel we were wanting to emerge from our brand, to help us take our business to the next level. He was patient while we examined and discussed as a team our vision for the company. He worked with us, provided guidance, and gave us options and recommendations. He was very organized and clear, keeping us focused on moving our brand to match the level we are at and beyond. We are very excited to launch our new brand! Thanks Re, for your guidance and expertise.”

“The best decision I made and well worth the investment”

  • “Working with Re Perez and his team was an amazing experience! I first met Re at an event and from the beginning I was impressed with what he had to share and how he explained that branding goes way beyond a logo. My Branding VIP Day with him left me with much excitement and motivation to really dig deep about the message I want my brand to send. He left no stone unturned — from the exercises we did together, the support and feedback provided, and the process he takes his clients through. It was exactly what I needed in order to have a clear understanding of branding and how to truly reflect who I am and what my company stands for. Partnering with Re is without question the best decision I made and well worth the investment.”

“I am newly alive with inspiration that is grounded in specific actions”

  • “I’ve just had my VIP Branding Day with Re Perez and 2 days later I am still floating on the high of it. It was an experience nothing short of an intense, playful and revelatory journey of discovery. I have worked with many people in the 11 years of my business and have found it very hard to find people who can truly understand the uniqueness of my skill set and intentions in my business. Re literally had me jumping out of my seat repeatedly because he was able to ‘get’ what I was talking about and express it in 1 or 2 words! Re is truly gifted at synthesizing massive amounts of information. I am so grateful to have received his brilliance in service for my business. It’s given me clarity and I am newly alive with inspiration that is grounded in specific actions. If Re has sparked your interest but you’re sitting on the fence and wondering if you should invest in his services, then I urge you to jump off that fence of hesitation and make the investment. Beg, borrow or steal (not really) to set up your VIP Branding Day with Re so that he can help you discover and develop your brand. It’s an experience like no other. You and your business will never be the same!”

“I was on a high on the excitement”

  • “Thank you for such an incredible VIP Branding Day. I was high on the excitement of it and that I so LOVE doing stuff like that. You have been beyond supportive and really see the big picture of where I’m going, what I can do and how to make it better. I want you to know I am so thrilled about all we did. To synthesize all of that, all of what I do and how I do it and why I do it was very revealing and will help me tremendously to do what I do better and at a whole new level. You see the horizon. I am still climbing the damn mountain. I just want to make sure you know how much I appreciate you and this process. What a terrific day. I’m looking forward to looking at all of this and adding and building and creating on what we did in our session. I felt like you were my champions and my tough love, pushing me…’get up that mountain!’. Thank you so much.”

“I feel like the book of my business has been re-written”

  • “Working with BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE revealed aspects of my business that I never perceived. The team helped me see how all of the different brand-building components go together. The team not only shaped who my business is, but how my business moves. Following the branding process, I was able to get clear on the intangibles of my business, which gave me access to tangible results. I can now convey my brand and message in a cohesive and coherent way. My business shines and I cannot overstate what this process has done for me and my business. The impact is tremendous. I feel like the book of my business has been re-written.”

“re perez changed my entire sales model for the better. I will be forever grateful”

  • “Re Perez’s branding work provided real value to my law practice. Beyond just the branding work, he gave me wonderful tips on how to sell my legal services. As a result, my business has doubled in the past year. I have gone from working as a solo practitioner in New York without infrastructure to a Partner in a firm on Madison Avenue. He changed my entire sales model for the better. I will be forever grateful.”

“Re Perez gave us clarity on how to translate what makes us special into our marketing materials and messaging”

  • “It’s not what you do, it’s what you do for your clients. That’s all that matters. Re helped me understand that, first and foremost. Re Perez of BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE makes clear his passion for helping companies success by distilling the essence of who and what a company is. He helped me and my company see what it is that separates the Harris Residential Team from other Real Estate brokerages in New York City. Re consistently speaks language that you can understand, helped get me and my staff on board with his understanding of what makes us special, and helped give us clarity on how to translate that into our marketing materials and messaging. I would gladly recommend that Re Perez be hired for his excellent work by any entrepreneur looking to catapult their business and take the branding bull by the horns.”

“My business has seen its biggest growth period since its inception”

  • “What can I say about Re Perez? How about that he has been my brand and business strategist for the past 4 months, and my business has seen its biggest growth period since its inception. Re is an expert who takes you by the hand, holds you accountable, and is deeply committed to you having the business and carer of your dreams. He is an inspiring speaker, a phenomenal coach, and wonderful human being. I’m glad Re was recommended, and that I threw my hat over the fence. It has made all the difference in growing my practice!”

“There were many a-ha moments”

  • “There were many a-ha moments!! First, understanding that branding is more than a logo, tagline, etc! To think of a brand as perception was totally new for me and exciting! The many ways we can create these perceptions were phenomenal because it didn’t occur to me until you showed me through the examples, that branding comes in different forms and they really speak for themselves. I now understand how Brand Strategy is important as it defines you at every level….. verbal and written communication, and imaging as well. Its almost an embodiment of your product. I have been hearing for some time now and you said this as well that ‘people care only about the benefits of doing business with you and that purchasing is emotional.’ That is huge for me so I am really looking forward to seeing how I can transition my thinking regarding how I present myself and the products & services offered.”

“I discovered the full potential of who i am”

  • “After 20 years of having a fairly successful seminar and coaching business, I discovered it did not express the full potential of who I am. Enter ‘Re’. His name is perfect! He is helping me re-brand myself and my business to express and manifest the next level of my soul’s purpose and fulfillment on this planet. How? By his concise questions, exercises, amazing creativity, and his kind yet dare I say fiercely honest (done gently) request for me to be my best. He is uncompromising in inviting me to believe in who I am. Calm and extremely expert in his services, I recommend you enter him on to your team the minute you need to define and express more fully who you are in life and business.”
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