The missing “don’t dos” when designing a logo

By March 5, 2012 From the Blog 7 Comments


  • Re,

    I see folks all the time focusing way too heavily on the logo as if it was going to make them successful without all the hard work. All too often they try and stuff 50lbs of crap into a 1 lb bag (aka their logo). What are your thoughts on logo crowdsource sites like . Is it possible to get your needs met on a logo using crowdsourcing?


    • re says:

      Sure, anyone can get a logo from sites like crowdsourcing. Except, the bigger question is: WHY have just a logo? If there’s ONE thing I would love entrepreneurs and small businesses to realize is that ANYONE can create a logo. But, if you’re interested in creating a brand to attract your target audiences, command a premium pricing, or distinguish yourself from competitors, forget the logo – and create a brand. Create a brand that emphasizes relationship, experience, and emotional connection with people. It’s not always about the logo.

  • Jasmine Sky says:

    Boy, can I speak to this from experience!

    I love how you’ve expressed this, Re, “Why have just a logo?” !!! We non-branding professionals really don’t get that the logo is NOT the brand. This is still impacting me on a daily basis as I work with my brand as you have defined it for me. My brand has taken on a real life personality – one that can be related to by my ideal client. No brand mark can do that. Yes, the brand mark is what they see repeatedly but it is only one expression of the brand. My brand so came alive for me after working with Re. it literally took on a life of its own – something I had never dreamed was possible.

    BTW, I’ve had many logos created for me in my life but never in the way that Re’s designer created my new one. She b-lined directly to the ‘personality’ of my brand as Re had defined it and dug deep into that to make sure those elements were expressed in the mark. Consequently it expresses my brand fabulously because it is a symbol of the very essence of my brand.

    Thanks Re for your incredible gifts and your dedication to educating all of us entrepreneurs on just what a brand is!!!

    • Re Perez says:

      Thank you, Jasmine. We are thrilled to see your new brand come to life in all its forms. Your passion and enthusiasm is inspirational. And your hand-painted silk art wear is stunning — a true gift for women.

  • Erin Ferree says:

    Hi, Re – My heart did a little dance of joy when I read “Don’t develop a logo without a brand strategy”. I get the “what do you think?” question often and I always answer, “that depends” as well, because otherwise I’d just be giving my personal reaction (yes, as a design expert… but without data it would just be opinion anyways). Bravo! – Erin

  • Michelle Cornu says:

    I also danced of joy When I read “logo with a brand strategy” . I believe that branding Is very emotional and so close to people that they relate to logos quickly and forget why it Is there, what we are trying to achieve. À logo Is only a little part of the puzzle. Often I see people stuck on the pixel forgetting the big picture! Thank you for this little reminder.