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Rebranding a Professional Organizer into a National Brand

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Entrepreneurs frequently ask me: “How do I know when is the right time to brand (or rebrand)?   My response is always: “What are your business objectives that branding can help solve?”   If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your answer might fit in one of the following categories:   Get more clients or customers Make more money Attract higher end clientele (or diversify clientele) Increase conversions Position the company as a leader in the category…

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9 Key Branding Terms | Branding For The People

9 Key Branding Terms Simplified

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UNDERSTANDING THE BRANDING PROCESS DOESN’T HAVE TO BE COMPLEX. In fact, branding can be made simple, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-consume by entrepreneurs and small businesses. I am an advocate for clarity and understanding when it comes to any topic that I’m interested in. It’s also important to me when I make decisions for my business, whether I’m hiring a contractor/vendor, partnering with another business, or simply deciding what other investments I need to make in the business….

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2013 11 10 Re Perez 257 XL | Branding For The People

Should you look down at your customers?

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Should you look down at your customers? I read an article in this past Sunday’s NY Times that I want to share with you.   It caught my attention because the article talks about a study that was published last month in the journal Environment and Behavior, where researchers at Cornell University manipulated the gaze of the cartoon rabbit on Trix cereal boxes and found that adult subjects were more likely to choose Trix over competing…

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Sexual Empowerment Coach on TEDx

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If you think that brand is just a one-time initiative or if you think brand is just a logo, then you’re completely missing out on an exciting journey that branding will take you on. When properly nourished, your brand can catapult your business almost immediately. More importantly, it can take a life of its own and create remarkable success. Building your brand requires intention and attention. Everyday, I recommend creating an intention on what your brand…

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What’s your favorite color?

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“What’s your favorite color?”   This question is my response when I meet someone who asks for my business card.   Why? Because I have different colored business cards. What follows when they tell me their favorite color is me reaching into my pocket to pull out a colorful set of business cards.   At first, the person compliments the cool idea. Then, they comment that they almost expect it (given that I’m a brander). After…

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Is It Time To Let Them Go | Branding For The People

When do you “fire” a client?

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This article may generate excitement or it may piss some people off.  It might initiate a healthy discussion on this topic, especially if you’re a service-based professional.   Either way, my singular intention is to empower you, if you’ve ever felt “trapped” with a client or if a client has ever mistreated you.   Very early on when I started my business, I heard a mindset expert say (and, I’m paraphrasing): “You have to let…

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How to be an entrepreneur who “makes a difference”

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I constantly hear from entrepreneurs that they want to “make a difference.” While the phrase may be overused, the idea is still very powerful. I’ve used the phrase before. Many of my clients and colleagues use the phrase.We probably all want to make a difference with other people. I know I certainly do.   However, furthering that thought, I wanted to take a deeper look at how can entrepreneurs truly “make a difference”? After careful…

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Close rate jumps 28% to 75% after rebrand

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BACKGROUND   Rick and Erica Wiley’s web development business, Craftwerks New Media, was a successful website business with humble home basement beginnings.  Craftwerks catered to entrepreneurs struggling to establish an online presence on their own or with “bumpy” relationships with a current designer/developer. Their biggest challenge was that even after a few rebranding attempts on their own, their own brand appearance was too homely and casual. Their website not honoring the high quality work their…

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Rewriting the Book of Julie’s Business

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BACKGROUND Julie A. Fleming’s business “Life at the Bar” was a successful coaching business that catered to attorneys who struggle with business development. Her biggest challenge prior to considering a re-brand was having a brand that did not match the level of sophistication of her work. Her company name was viewed as “cute,” “fun,” or “clever” and her image was too closely associated with the standard coaching industry. So, the company name and the brand…

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