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5 26 2015 Blog | Branding For The People

Are You Forgettable?

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At BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, we make our market differentiation dollars work, and work hard. Our brand is strong and consistent and memorable, and every investment that we make builds off of the one before it. We look at every speaking engagement, every email blast, every phone call, business card, webinar and presentation as a rung on the ladder toward our future. As an entrepreneur, this probably comes as no surprise to you. “So what?…

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19 5 2015 01 BLOG 2 | Branding For The People

How To: Find a Font That Matches Your Personality!

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Have you ever looked for a listing of fonts by personality or wanted to know which typefaces are best for communicating different types of messages? Below are listed 12 different and distinctive fonts, each of which tell their own story! The most important thing to consider when looking at a font to match your brand’s personality and messaging is the history of the typeface, and what it is commonly associated with. Anyone can easily discern…

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5 12 2015 BlogPost | Branding For The People

3 Tips to Elevate Your Brand With Photography

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Do you want to inspire confidence and compel clients to action? Try using consistent photography in branding your company, and you’ll win a dependable following! Across the many touch-points of your brand outreach, you are bound to use photography… within backgrounds, headshots, before/after stories, blog posts, social media posts, and in innumerable other applications. No matter what the scenario, photos do some heavy lifting when it comes to communicating your message. So, are your pictures…

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4 28 2015 Blog 1 | Branding For The People

When is it Time to Rebrand Your Company?

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If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that we preach consistency, consistency, consistency! A consistent brand experience, for a targeted buyer, in their language, across all 7 major touch points (Logo, Color, Typography, Voice/Personality, Photography, Info Hierarchy & Positioning) is the bedrock of any trustworthy and compelling brand. Why then would you EVER rebrand your company? Wouldn’t that just throw everyone off and force you to rebuild your…

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4 21 2015 Blog 1 | Branding For The People

The Newest San Diego Based Branding Agency

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Calling all SoCal Natives, we are the newest San Diego Branding Agency and we want to meet you! As companies grow and change, they sometimes lose attachments to the communities they reside within. New locations open up, home offices expand and focus on the national stage robs organizations of their roots! At BRANDING FOR THE PEOPLE, we have vowed not to let this happen. We believe strongly in community branding and community involvement. Although we…

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