We believe a well-defined and documented Brand Strategy takes the guesswork out of the brand-building and marketing of your business — saving you countless hours and streamlining innumerable decisions. While it may seem simpler and easier to focus on the tactics, every successful business owner knows that a strong brand is built on a strategic foundation that clearly defines:

  • A unique market position
  • A distinctive personality
  • A cohesive and consistent story

Our signature BRANDING INTENSIVE is the perfect solution to create your Brand Strategy, in a strategic, in-depth, and collaborative work session with our team.


It’s the best brand-building experience you never heard of. We designed every aspect of it with you in mind. We even created the experience based on how we would want to go through the branding process.

We realize there are many online courses, seminars and events that all promise to teach you the mechanics of building a brand. But, we’ve found that our clients know they can not build a brand on their own. They know it’s impossible to see the label on the outside of the bottle when you’re inside it.

After years of carefully listening to thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners, we created the BRANDING INTENSIVE, a collaborative and strategic work session designed to create your BRAND PLATFORM, using our proven brand-building methodology.

After all, that’s what you really want and need anyway. You don’t need another person telling you why branding is important. Instead, you want to have trained professionals helping to create your brand.